Collector's Corner

This section presents articles on various aspects of collecting. Occasionally there will be offers of rarer and out-of-print decks for sale here.


Current offers of tarot, cartomancy and playing cards for sale:

Tarot & Cartomancy decks for sale
The following three lists encompass about 200 duplicate tarot and cartomancy decks in total which I have compiled over the years. Even if these lists mainly are addressing tarot and cartomancy collectors, playing card collectors may also be interested in some of the tarot decks, whether they are French suited 'Tarock'-decks or Italian suited standard decks. For practical reasons I have split the list up in three separate parts:

Tarot Sales List 1: Scandinavia, Austria, Belgium and France

Tarot Sales List 2: Germany, Great Britain and Italy

Tarot Sales List 3: The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Various European Countries, USA, Japan & Asian Countries, Varia & literature

Playing cards and related literature
Over the last few years, I have been reducing my collection of playing cards to a more manageable size. Five lists of playing cards for sale are currently available as pdf-files. The majority of the decks are from the second half of the 20th century, but earlier decks are also included. You will find standard patterns from many countries, non-standard decks with various themes including pin-up and euro-decks, Asian playing cards as well as miniatures, children's decks and card games of all sorts. Further lists will follow:

Sales List 1
Sales List 2
Sales List 3
Sales List 4
Sales List 5